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About Us :

Peace and All Good !

St. Francis of Assisi was a man of joy and simplicity. How much we long to be like St. Francis ! Hong Kong society is so very complex, with competition and money occupying the lives of most of us. As Secular Franciscans, we try to realize this life of joy and simplicity by dedicating ourselves to a lifestyle inspired by the Gospel values through the example of St. Francis. It is not easy and many times we find the struggle difficult. But the encouragement of others in the fraternity becomes all the more important in fulfilling our dream. The fruit of this Gospel lifestyle in hi-tech Hong Kong is peace - peace within oneself, peace with others and peace with God.In the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong life, we can truly be simple and joyful. We can truly be instruments of peace. If this is what you are searching for, you may have the Franciscan vocation. Why not come and discern with us? We come from different backgrounds and nationalities, each enriching the fraternal life. And we warmly welcome you!

Louis Ng sfo
Fraternal minister
Duns Scotus Fraternity